That’s him…


These days, this guy can be found getting real dirty with data and everything open-source (bless their souls) to help his company make good business decisions – forecasting, operations engineering, supply-chain analytics, pricing, cost modeling – all that and more. On a few darker than usual days, he could be found knee-deep debugging customers system engineering issues but on days when the sun is shining bright, he would automate model builds and simulation processes to optimize physical structures and environments by writing code and hacking and tuning new and legacy software. He does all that while leading a team of fantastic engineers, improving processes that enables his team to design better products and serve their internal and external customers. And time goes by fast when you are having so much fun. He vividly remembers events that happened months and sometimes years back but it’s like they just happened yesterday.

When he is not messing around, he writes and writes on things that fascinates him  –

  • Operational Efficiency & Optimization.
  • Applied Statistics & Econometrics.
  • Data Science, Machine Learning & AI.
  • Investment Finance & Risk Analytics.
  • Business, stuff he reads & life in general.

And putting stuff down on paper helps him re-think & over-think, analyze and condense his thoughts better…a win-win for him and whoever cares to listen. Plus this thing also serves as a go to place for some of the stuff he wants to use over and over again and that’s because re-googling and stack-overflowing all of that again would be an immense productivity downer, according to him. Stack-overflowing you say? But, but, everybody does that.

Though he is and will always remain an engineer at heart, he drifted to the dark side a few years back and finished his MBA from Santa Clara University. School’s done but he has not recovered yet. He wished (not his wife) it never ended but it did.

He loves to teach. He gives TechTalks every once in a while on topics related to econometrics, machine learning, applied statistics, engineering and anything that he thinks would benefit the wider audience at work. In his spare time, he teaches a full course-load worth of stuff on business valuation and investing to anyone who cares to listen and learn. And mind you, there are many such creatures out there.

He is always open to connect through the usual channels. Or over coffee but beer works wonders when possible.