Econometrics, Data Science & Your Return Policy As An eBay Seller…

Who hasn’t sold a thing or two on eBay? But that’s us. Then there are these merchants who are running multi-million dollar businesses just on eBay. They set up their own stores, set their own policies and are able to access this global marketplace which would otherwise have been nearly impossible to replicate if not for the platform eBay provides. And this exercise is a story about one such seller considering to make a change in how customer returns are processed and how it impacts the overall profitability of that business.

Dataset – eBay

Download instructions – Right click the link to the dataset and click “Save link as…” to download the file. Then change the extension to csv from txt. Your Jupyter notebook has to be in the same folder as the downloaded dataset if you want to play around with it.

[Some outputs could appear to be a bit messy and difficult to read and if that is the case on the interface of your choice, follow the link to Github at the bottom of this pane. Things are much cleaner there.]

Image credit – Elliot Stokes, Flickr